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Upon joining our team of security guard companies and training schools your company would become an Affiliate Member  nationwide.

What this means to you is  your company will join our Network of security guard companies and training schools nationwide.

For example:  If a corporation on the east coast needs the services of a security guard company or training schools on the west coast they would be able to draw from our Network of Affiliates we are providing  our marketing program.  

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View What Google Thinks About Security Guard Licensing Group

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Company Background Information
Ingredients for Success

  • President and CEO Over 20 year experience in the exciting field of security
  • Master Degree In Marketing
  • Specialization in marketing security guard companies nationwide
  • Several years protecting his country in the United State Marine Crops
  • Creating and implementation of new and improved marketing techniques
  • Putting together a staff of very capable people excited about this program with  combined experience of over 60 years

The successful Security Field Supervisor responsibilities will include:

Will conduct monthly site inspections of all UPS security accounts within his/her assigned area of responsibility.Completes an official “Inspection form” on every officer visited at every facility with the results of this inspection being submitted to that Customer and the UPS local District Manager for review.California List Of Security Guard Services

List Of Security Guard Services Ensures security officer compliance with all policies and procedures directed by the Customer and UPS.

List Of Security Guard Services Conducts specific site related training for officers at their assigned job location to cover all facets of the officers’ duties and responsibilities.

Counsels officers on various issues such as appearance, poor attendance, job performance and customer service.

List Of Security Guard Services Assist Branch office personnel with payroll input, uniform inventory and re-supply, inspects company vehicles for damage, excessive ware and ensures all required maintenance is completed when needed to ensure maximum serviceability of vehicles.

List Of Security Guard Services Inspect, repair or replace various equipment items used by the security officers to perform their duties as needed.



Will work as a team leader for the SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) when deployed to assist in regions where applicable.

List Of Security Guard Services Must be knowledgeable of customer’s service expectations by knowing the customer’s key result areas.

List Of Security Guard Services Work to prevent security problems instead of correcting these problems after they occur.

List Of Security Guard Services Stands post at client locations on an as needed basis or as extra support, occasionally for more than 50 % of the work week

May perform other administrative or security professional-level work on an as-needed basis


Professional Security Officer – High Rise Building

. Duties include, but are not limited to:

Foot, bike or golf cart patrol of interior and exterior areas of assigned locationsExecute security services as outlined in site-specific Post orders and directed by Security ManagementObserve and report suspicious activities and persons

List Of Security Guard Services Write detailed narrative reports and maintain daily activity reports (DARs)

List Of Security Guard Services Enforce rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and respond to emergency situations requiring security assistance

Schedule: Part-time; 24 hrs/wk



Location: Irvine CA

Position Requirements

Qualified Professional Security Officer applicants will meet the following criteria:

High school diploma or equivalent required.At least 18 years of age.Must be able to obtain a valid Guard License as required in the state for which you are applying. We may be able to assist you.

As a condition of employment, employee must successfully complete a background investigation and a post-offer/pre-employment drug/alcohol test.

As a condition of continued employment, employee must maintain current active status of all required License at all times, and must carry the license at all times while on duty.

Must display exceptional customer service and communication skills.

Intermediate computer skills to utilize innovative, wireless technology at client specific sites.

Essential Physical and Mental Functions

Stand or walk constantly (for up to an entire shift) on various surfaces (tile, concrete, carpet)Climb stairs, ramps, or ladders occasionally during shiftOccasionally bend/twist at waist/knees/neck to perform various duties

Occasionally lift or carry up to 40 pounds

Run as needed

Constant use of both hands and arms in reaching/handling/grasping/fingering while using phone, notepad, writing reports, and other administrative tasks

Constant use of eyes (correctable vision to normal level required) to observe, read, interact with public and co-workers, view security monitors; includes hand/eye coordination

Read, understand and clearly speak English; constantly use speech and hearing (correctable to normal level required) in communicating with public/co-workers, giving and receiving instructions, using phones

Work in various environments including adverse outdoor conditions such as cold, rain or heat;

Constant mental alertness and attention to detail required while setting priorities and following up on assignments

Must possess effective written and oral communication and interpersonal skills with ability to deal with all levels of personnel and the general public in a professional and effective manner; must be able to use initiative and independent judgment within established guidelines

Must be able to frequently prepare written reports and logs in neat, legible handwriting; may require computer skills

Must be able to read and understand all operating procedures and instructions

Must be able to handle pressure of working with high volume general public (constantly to occasionally depending on assignment)

   Mobile Patrol

1.  List Of Security Guard Services  Provides mobile guarding services to project a security presence, which may include operating a

vehicle to perform patrol, inspection, and/or incident response services; maintains radio or other

communications contact with office or base to report status or incidents, or to request additional

assistance or response.

2.  List Of Security Guard Services  Checks for unsafe conditions, hazards, security violations, and unauthorized persons; inspects



buildings, grounds and security devices; monitors and sets security devices.

3. Protects evidence or scene of incident in the event of accidents, emergencies, or security

investigations; sets up barriers and signage, and provides direction or information to others.

4. Prepares logs or reports as required for patrol route; writes and/or types reports and/or enters

information in a computer using standard grammar; inspects security control logs and takes action

as required.

5. Observes and reports incidents or suspicious activity to client representatives, company

management, life/safety personnel or public safety authorities as appropriate for the circumstances

and/or as required.

6. Responds to incidents of fire, medical emergency, bomb threat, flooding, water discharge, elevator

emergency, hazardous materials, inclement weather, and other incidents or conditions following

procedures established for assignment, by the company, or through training or certification.

7. Carries out specific tasks and duties of a similar nature and scope as required.


High School Diploma or G.E.D.; related experience preferred.

Competencies (as demonstrated through experience, training, and/or testing):

 Must be able to meet and continue to meet any applicable state, county and municipal licensing

requirements for Security Officers.

 Driving record must meet company and/or insurance standards.

 Knowledge of or ability to learn security operations and procedures.

 Ability to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagrammatic form.

 Ability to be an effective team member and to work independently.

 Ability to maintain professional composure when dealing with unusual circumstances.

 Courteous telephone manner.

 Ability to adapt to changes in the external environment and organization.

 Ability to write routine correspondence, including logs and reports.

 Good organizational skills.

 Ability to provide high quality customer service.

 Good interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact effectively at various social levels and across diverse cultures.

Special Event Security

Special event security guards may patrol stadiums and other sporting event venues.

Special event security guards patrol the grounds of special events venue to protect against terrorism, theft and other illegal activities. They observe special event attendees to ensure that they are abiding by the laws and rules of the venue. Special event security guards may work at sporting events, concerts, conventions, parties or other large events. There are usually few education requirements for these positions, but special event security guards usually complete employer-sponsored training to prepare for the work.



Duties Special event security guards may be stationed at various posts throughout a special event venue. Some sit at a security desk and check attendees’ tickets or credentials. They may also search bags or other belongings that are brought into the venue for contraband. In some cases, they may monitor electronic surveillance equipment to ensure that no one is violating the law or rules of the venue. Other special event security guards patrol the grounds of the venue. They observe attendees, and may detain anyone who is in violation of the law or venue rules. Special event security guards must also perform crowd control, and may be required to supervise parking or direct traffic after the event is over.Training

There are no formal education requirements for special event security guards who do not carry firearms. Those who are armed usually require a high school diploma or GED. Most employers provide training for new guards, though programs vary based on the company. Armed special event guards must receive more thorough training, including instruction in laws regarding the use of force, and must be tested in firearm safety skills. Many states require guards to be licensed, and call for them to participate in continuing education as a condition of license renewal. Guards usually receive instruction in first aid, crisis deterrence and self-defense. Some employers follow the training standards established by ASIS International, a security professionals association. These include requiring security guards to receive at least 48 hours of training during their first 100 days of employment and administering a written exam that tests their knowledge of various security-related topics.

   Shopping Mall Security

The primary purpose of mall security officers is to ensure the safety and security of mall patrons and employees and protect mall property from theft or damage. They work closely with local law enforcement to ensure that everyone who shops and works at the mall is safe from harm, that the assets of the mall and its tenants are protected and that no criminal activity takes place at the site.


security officer

Static Positions

Static mall security positions are primarily surveillance positions that require the officer to monitor the property from one location, usually by watching video feeds from security cameras. Static officers then communicate their findings to mobile officers, who investigate and address the situation. Static security officers may also be called loss prevention specialists or loss prevention detectives; mall or store management may hire these professionals to develop strategies to minimize loss by theft, and train other security officers in applying those strategies.

Mobile Positions

Mobile mall security officers physically patrol the property, remaining alert for suspicious activity or problems. They are generally in regular communication with the static officers, and often respond to reports from the static location. Mobile officers might provide assistance in an emergency, such as directing customers in the event of a fire, or answer mall patron questions or provide information upon request. Mobile security officers move around the facility, either on foot or in motorized vehicles, ensuring that patrons are following the mall’s rules and standards and that there are no safety hazards.

Mobile security officers also assist with apprehending and detaining suspected criminals. Any time they respond to and investigate a problem, ranging from suspected shoplifting to bomb threats, mall security officers must write a report of the incident in compliance with their employer’s standard procedures. They might also serve as witnesses for local law enforcement when necessary.

Traffic Enforcement

Most malls have a team of security officers that monitor the exterior of the mall, addressing incidents in the parking lot and surrounding area. The security officers patrol the parking lots to deter crime and provide assistance to customers when necessary.

Requirements for Mall Security Jobs

In general, mall security officers must be at least 18 years old and pass a criminal background check. Mall security officers at the lower levels may only need a high school diploma or GED, while supervisors or higher-level positions generally require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree; some facilities prefer to hire security personnel with a degree in criminal justice or police science. In addition to education requirements, mall security offices generally need to pass criminal background checks and drug tests.

Given the physical demands of the job, they should be in good physical health and have quick reflexes, as well as be able to walk long distances; some mall security guards walk up to eight miles a day or more. Good observation and decision-making abilities, and excellent written and verbal communication skills are also important traits for mall security officers.


Most states require security guards to hold a license earned through extensive training, both in the classroom and on the job. The necessary training may be provided upon employment with the mall or its independent security provider. Some states require that a potential licensee have a job offer before enrolling in the licensing program; although in some cases, prospective security workers can complete the state-approved training on their own before seeking employment.

Some states also require security guards to be bonded or insured before issuing a license. If the security guard carries a firearm, then he or she must have the appropriate training and license to do so.

Office Building Security

Essential Information

Corporate security officers and security guards are employed by private companies to guard physical property and personnel from vandalism, theft, bodily harm, fire or illegal activity. They work in a variety of settings, from stores, office buildings, entertainment venues and banks to mobile security units. Because of the hazardous nature of the job, some security guards are required to carry firearms. The minimum requirement for this position is a high school diploma, and many employers also require a background check and licensure.

Required Education High school diploma minimum requirement
Other Requirements Must be physically and mentally fit, pass a background check, and possess licensure or certification if applicable; licensure for carrying firearms may be required
Projected Job Growth (2012-2022)* 12% for all security guards
Median Salary (2013)* $24,070 for all security guards

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics




Job Duties

Corporate security officers working in the retail industry are employed by large and small stores and shopping malls, mainly to deter theft and vandalism. They may monitor security cameras, patrol parking lots, apprehend shoplifting suspects or assist undercover store detectives with loss prevention.

Security officers who work in corporate office buildings and financial institutions are hired to guard the entrances and exits to buildings, protect employees and customers, respond to company alarms and provide general surveillance. Mobile security guards patrol areas on foot or in vehicles. They are responsible for detaining and removing offenders, and are usually in contact with others by radio, and can answer service calls or radio others for help.

Common duties throughout the corporate security world include writing daily activity reports, answering phone calls during off-hours and contacting the fire department or law enforcement during certain circumstances, such as criminal violation, fire and trespassing. They may be asked to circulate among patrons and customers, or remain at one station. They may also be required to escort certain personnel to and from events. Many jobs require individuals to spend long hours on their feet.


Most employers require their applicants to submit to fingerprints and a background check. Applicants should have no police record, good character references and be in excellent physical and mental health. Good observation and communication skills are also important. A high school diploma or equivalent is usually the only mandatory education, though some companies prefer college coursework. Some employers prefer to hire retired or active law enforcement professionals or former military personnel. A driver’s license is usually necessary.


Most states require security guards to be licensed. The process involves classroom training in emergency procedures, property rights, and detention of suspects. Armed security officers must be licensed to carry weapons, and must receive certification as special police officers, which allows them to make limited arrests.

   Unarmed Security Guards

 List Of Security Guard Services

Security Guard Job Description

Security guards monitor and protect property against criminal activity and damage. These guards may work at schools, hospitals and banks, along with such commercial properties as shopping centers, casinos and sports venues, power plants and transportation hubs. They monitor the flow of people and employees and respond in emergency situations.


Picture 054

Although some are stationed at desks or in gatehouses, others may patrol on foot or in vehicles, so security guards can benefit from being physically fit. Employers generally look for observant, detail-oriented individuals who aren’t easily distracted and can identify threats quickly. Active listening also helps in the field, so security guards can identify complaints and receive information on questionable activity.

Job Duties of Security Guards

In order to adequately protect people and property, security guards must know and enforce rules and regulations to prevent criminal activity before it happens. They may monitor points of access in a building or property to allow entry only to individuals with the correct identification or authorization. In some situations, such as public events or crowded areas, they walk amongst visitors to promote order and provide a visible presence that deters safety issues.

If working after hours, they may maintain surveillance of a property by patrolling the grounds or using closed-circuit monitoring or alarm systems. They’ll investigate and report signs of damage or unlawful entry as it occurs. Such issues require that they contact authorities and make written or verbal reports to law enforcement. In emergency situations, they may provide first aid or assistance and alert first responders. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) high-risk facilities often require ongoing training as well as the use of firearms (


Armed Guards

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: The primary duties of the position include:

Meeting the physical requirements of the job and the ability to work in the environmental conditions listed below to perform common security functions and duties.

Performing security patrols by company or client vehicle and/or on foot;



Protect property from theft, embezzlement, sabotage, trespassing, fire and accidents;

The observation and reporting of any unlawful activity;

The prevention of theft or misappropriation of any goods, money or other items of value;

The protection of individuals or property, including but not limited to proprietary information, from harm or misappropriation;

The control of access to premises being protected;

Crowd control in public areas;

Investigate and take the appropriate lawfully action   on accidents, incidents, trespassing, suspicious activities, safety, and fire;

Neutralize situations calmly with tact and common sense.

Watch for safety and fire hazards and other security related situations;

Enforcing client’s policies and procedures;

Provide any needed assistance to customers, employees, visitors, or the public;

Perform requests by the client, within the scope of our duties or within reason;

Serve as training officer to new security staff;

Ability to communicate effectively in the English language, both verbally and in written form; Required documentation by writing reports;

Field Operations Manager, or Site Lead;

Drive a Company vehicle for work-related purposes (for driving positions);


Doorman and Concierge Security


We provide professionally-trained security officers for concierge security, doormen, and as security receptionists for residential buildings. While securing the premises remains the primary priority, our concierges and doormen also take every opportunity to enhance residents’ quality of life. They are the face of your building. They not only monitor guest traffic and enforce residential conduct codes, but can also assist with receiving packages, hailing cabs and other personal services. Each of our professionals undergoes criminal-record checks and drug screening, and has a confirmed employment history.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as calling a resident when a parking lot patrol finds a flat tire ,or notifying maintenance of burnt-out light bulbs in stairwells. This dual focus results in residences that are not only safe and secure, but also well maintained.


Executive Protection


We provide a high-level of protection to executives, dignitaries, athletes and celebrities with security plans tailored to the needs of each individual client. We provide event-centered security for public appearances or 24/7 protection service for clients who simply want to live their daily lives with a minimum amount of disruption. We have deployed officers to work as part of a larger security team, as we did when Pope John Paul II visited New York City.

Our Executive Protection team members are carefully chosen from Law Enforcement Officers, Members of the Military, Department of Corrections and Specialists in Private Security. Our multi-disciplined approach involves proactive threat assessment to neutralize problems before they occur. Personnel are trained to act proactively in a discreet manner to ensure that your business and personal security are always addressed.

We clarify each aspect of our clients’ needs and coordinate with local law enforcement, agents, managers, promoters and venue officials eliminating any surprises.

Vehicle-based incidents pose some of the biggest risks to clients during executive protection assignments. Reckless drivers, preoccupied pedestrians, and unforeseen occurrences create the potential for situations with serious consequences. Our protection team is highly trained to detect and avoid potentially dangerous situations and deliver clients and their families safely to their destinations. Our professional security drivers accompany clients in privately owned vehicles or one from our fleet. Whether it’s a night on the town or a shopping spree, our team takes the worry of driving out of the equation, while providing the peace of mind that comes with having a bodyguard along for the ride.


Driver Protection

Our Security Companies have been protecting celebrities, professional athletes, and corporate executives for over 20 years, but high profile people are not our only clients. Our security drivers will accompany you to events, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls or anywhere you and your loved ones need to go.

Our innovative Driver with a Presence service brings safety and peace of mind to everyone at an affordable price. We eliminate the worry of driving and protect you from the unforeseen circumstances that occur in today’s world so you can relax. You will feel at home in the comfort and convenience of your own vehicle; or if you prefer we can use a vehicle from our fleet.


Fire Watch


The continued use and occupancy of any structure or business is dependent on all installed fire protection systems being maintained in an operational mode. When these systems are not operational fire watch personnel must be on duty throughout the structure or site as applicable. A fire watch is a 24 hour requirement, the same as if an alarm or sprinkler would be provided for the structure. We have security officers specially trained and experienced in providing a fire watch. They meet all state requirements set by fire marshals to ensure the best protection for your property. Our officers can be deployed with minimal notice for immediate needs.

   Investigative Services

List Of Security Guard Services Overview

List Of Security Guard Services provide intelligence consulting and investigative services nationwide. We have the ability to solve a myriad of investigative problems relating to corporations, individuals, and the legal profession.

List Of Security Guard Services have the ability to coordinate the use of experts from a wide variety of legal, law enforcement, intelligence, academic, and forensic backgrounds help to make our organization unique in its approach and conclusions. This broad ability to manage and match experts with client needs enhances our problem-solving within time and budgetary constraints, while allowing us mobility and flexibility.

Areas of Expertise include:

Due DiligenceProfessional LiabilityFidelity Claims

Competitive Intelligence

White Collar Crime

Executive Protection

Property and Casualty Claims

Pre-Employment Screening

Technical Security Services

Physical Facilities Analysis

Intellectual Property Protection

Pre-merger & Acquisition Verification

Workers’ Compensation


White Collar Crime

List Of Security Guard Services  provide a detailed review of the elements of the case and collection of documents and evidence. We conduct interview, and assist in the recovery of assets. Information is collected and prepared for civil and criminal proceedings. Our team acts as liaisons with law enforcement authorities and clients in litigation matters.

Fidelity Claims:
All evidence is examined and verified in employee fraud and embezzlement matters to assist clients in the preparation of fidelity claims. We assists in the recovery of assets and will negotiate settlements with offenders to assist in the recovery process.

Product Counterfeiting:
List Of Security Guard Services investigations include: the examination of “knock-off” products; the collection of evidence and preparation for civil and criminal prosecution; the seizure of products under court ordered injunctions and TRO’s. Our experts seek to find the source of the distribution networks and the principals responsible.

Conflict of Interest:
List Of Security Guard Services investigations review all pertaining data relating to any conflicts of interest. We uncover hidden business ownerships and partnerships, unknown ties to competitors, and any conflicts arising from family relations.

Criminal Employees:
List Of Security Guard Services  search begins with the collection data concerning individuals and corporation involved. We identify the loss factors and through a series of interviews, video surveillance review, and other investigative tactics, we identify offenders. Our investigators work with law enforcement authorities and provide testimony during criminal and civil proceedings.


Pre-Employees Screening

General Employees and Middle Managers
List Of Security Guard Services  review verifies employment records and education. We also pull credit reports (with release), confirm residency and social security numbers, examine motor vehicle history, conduct litigation searches, and uncover criminal convictions.

Executives, Partners, and C-Level Executives
In addition to our general screening we also seek to find a current financial profile and confirm any professional licenses. We conduct interviews with references, search media, check for bankruptcy filings, business ownership, and corporate affiliations. Additionally, we will review family profiles when necessary.

Special Investigations:
Utilizing our vast experience, our team of experts recommends various investigative tactics to uncover “out of the ordinary” information that is helpful in specific instances based on individual needs.

Investigation For Attorneys

Liability Investigations:
We conduct a variety of investigations such as: auto accidents; medical malpractice, product liability, air travel incidents, explosions, gunshots, and the like.

Personal Injury:
Our investigations cover: personal injury; loss of earnings; emotional distress; physical encounters.

Workers’ Compensation:
It is important to develop a complete profile of the individuals and circumstances surrounding an accident or injury. In addition to this thorough review we collect claimant’s previous work and claim histories.

Corporate Litigation:
Like workers’ comp claims, corporate litigation requires complete profiles of corporations and individuals involved in litigation-specific matters. This includes information on the directors and officers of the corporation.

Corporate Due Diligence:
We provide an in-depth look into a corporation’s finances, officers, and business operations. This investigation is conducted in conjunction with acquisitions, mergers, SEC regulations, and other corporate matters.

Fidelity Claims:
List Of Security Guard Services  extensive investigations reveal the actions and activities of persons responsible for the defalcation, misappropriation, and theft of corporate or personal assets. We assisits  law enforcement officials in the recovery of assets and prosecution.

Criminal Investigations:
California List Of Security Guard Services team assisits  in the viability of potential witnesses, exams the histories of persons involved, as well as evaluates the strength of evidence and other related information.


Investigation For Corporation

Corporate Litigation:
Our team prepares complete profiles of corporations and individuals involved in litigation-specific matters. This includes information on the directors and officers of the corporation.

Corporate Due Diligence:
List Of Security Guard Services provide an in-depth look into a corporation’s finances, officers, and business operations. This investigation is conducted in conjunction with acquisitions, mergers, SEC regulations, and other corporate matters.

List Of Security Guard Services conduct a variety of professional investigations such as: auto accidents; medical malpractice, product liability, air travel incidents, explosions, gunshots, and the like. We verify the validity of claims made against a corporation and identify any mitigating factors that help to minimize costs.

Personal Injury:
List Of Security Guard Services  investigations cover: personal injury; loss of earnings; emotional distress; physical encounters.

List Of Security Guard Services  pre-employment investigations assist in the selection and evaluation of potential employees or business associates.

Limited Pointed:
This service is a specifically designed limited scope inquiry and includes interviewing, aquireing specific documents and data, and taking photographs of specific site incidents.

List Of Security Guard Services  have the capability of documenting interviews through written, audio, video, and stenographic recording that pass courtroom muster and can be used as evidence in a legal proceeding.

Expert Testimony:
List Of Security Guard Services expert witnesses appear at legal and regulatory litigation proceedings to support, develop, and document information.


Property And Causality

Special Investigations:
Utilizing our vast experience, our team of experts recommends various investigative tactics to uncover “out of the ordinary” information that is helpful in specific instances based on individual needs.

List Of Security Guard Services  conduct a variety of investigations such as: auto accidents; medical malpractice, product liability, air travel incidents, explosions, gunshots, and the like.

Workers’ Compensation:
It is important to develop a complete profile of the individuals and circumstances surrounding an accident or injury. In addition to this thorough review we collect claimant’s previous work and claim histories.

Personal Injury:
List Of Security Guard Services  investigations cover: personal injury; loss of earnings; emotional distress; physical encounters.

Accident Reconstruction:
Our process is designed to provide accurate details from an accident scene complete with information and photos. In addition, witnesses are identified and interviewed, statements received, and facts verified. This is not an engineering service.

Our team responds to a variety of insurance-related needs. Stake-outs and video surveillance are two of the tactics employed.

We are adept at finding missing persons, witnesses, or missing property, necessary to complete a comprehensive investigation.

We have the capability of documenting interviews through written, audio, video, and stenographic recording that pass courtroom muster and can be used as evidence in a legal proceeding.