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Copyrighted ©  Thinking Out Of The Box SEO Marketing  created  and Copyrighted by Security Guard Licensing Group. The main goal of this  SEO Marketing Program is to  GUARANTEE  your company Internet Ranking  1ST Page on Google within  a few days. Just to emphasize GUARANTEED


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Services Offered Under Our Program







   Affiliates Member

Upon joining our team of security guard companies and training schools  your company would become an Affiliate Member  nationwide.

What this means to you is  your company will join our Network of security guard companies and training schools nationwide.

For example: If a corporation on the east coast needs the services of a security guard company or training schools on the west coast they would be able to draw from our Network of Affiliates we are providing  our marketing program. 

  1. This is what Google Thinks About Security Guard Licensing Group

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 Specialization is the key to success. Security Guard Licensing Group is a specialist in the security industry from training, employment placement, creation of advanced training and implementation of many exciting methods of training.

employer services

Marketing Security Companies is also a specialist in marketing the security industry. Knowing the most cost effective and successful avenues to navigate and understanding, Marketing is not an expense but an investment in the future.

Success of the marketing program will depend on the methods used to introduce security companies to new clients.  The following information will introduce avenues to navigate that are directly associated with the security industry.

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

Utilizing Security Guard Licensing Groups website exposure will ensure that your company will be found by individuals doing internet searches for security services.  For the past few years Security Guard Licensing Group has been successful in retaining a 95% success rate on all Major Search Engines ( First Page Position ). The remaining 5% on the 2nd & 3rd page.  This type of exposure will certainly  increase traffic to all of our Security Guard Companies Clients. Your company will have a LINK on our website, all potential clients will be able to view your website by using that link.


Social Media Marketing

Marketing Security Companies  is also a specialist in marketing the security industry.  Knowledge of this market allow  Marketing Security Companies to go directly to the source of potential clients. Social Media that will be utilized at the present time our facebook site has over 5000 likes and growing.

Facebook: 900,000,000 Monthly Unique Visitors

Twitter:  310,000,000 Monthly Unique Visitors

Google Plus+ 120,000,000 Monthly Unique Visitors

Press Releases

Why is A Marketing Plan With Security Guard Licensing Group &  Marketing Security Companies Important?

Frankly, Marketing is one of the single most important places you can focus your attention in your business. Particularly if you hope to create a successful business.  Marketing equals money, when it is done right.  That is the reason for using Security Guard Licensing Group &  Marketing Security Companies, “because we do it the right way”.

For additional information as to cost and additional details call: 630-674-0790 email,

Every day you wait is a day of lost revenue


Security Guard Licensing Group Background Information



Our facility has been considered to be The Best Security Marketing Group across the nation. 

The reason for this is the Professional Staff, Creativity, Diverse Background  and Dedication we all have towards  successThe President, CEO and Founder of Security Guard Licensing Group has also brought the necessary ingredients to the Recipe of SuccessMaster Degree ( MBA )

  • Over 20 Years Experience In The Exciting Field Of Security
  • Master Degree In Marketing
  • Certified Law Enforcement Instructor For Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle
  • Practical And Tactical Handcuffing , Baton, and Verbal Judo
  • Several Years protecting his country in the United States Marine Crops.
  • Creating and Implementation of new and improved Security Marketing Programs such as Thinking Out Of The Box SEO Marketing  for many Security Companies & Training Schools.
  • Specialization In Marketing Security Guard Companies & Training Schools Nationwide

Phone #:  630-674-0790