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Florida Unarmed Class D Training And License

The state of Florida like many other states has certain requirements that must be met prior to working as an unarmed Class D security guard. In order to obtain the unarmed Class D security guard license in this state a specific class must be taken to qualify for the Class D License, which qualifies a person in the state of Florida to work as an unarmed Class D security guard.


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Florida Unarmed Class D Training And License
The training for an unarmed Class D security guard, should also include learning to observe, writing detailed reports, self-defense, and the procedure used to detain suspected violators. Other types of training are also required and are provided within the certified training courses.

Florida Unarmed Class D Training And License

Classroom Training

Florida Unarmed Class D Training And License

The Class D License requires forty hours of classes in security training and must be taken from a certified facility. The training provided will include:

Basic first aid

Emergency procedures



Crime and accident prevention

Fire containment

Legal liabilities and other issues

In order to obtain the unarmed Class D security guard license the requirements of Florida State Statutes section 493 (ss. 439.6201 through 493.6203) must be met. These include:

The person must be at least 18 years of age.

They must have no disqualifying criminal history

Provide a full set of fingerprints

They must be legal to work in the United States.

Sign a personal inquiry waiver to allow the department to conduct necessary background checks.

Florida Unarmed Class D Training And License

These are some of the requirements in the statutes section 493, which will need to be satisfied when applying for the unarmed Class D security guard license.
When the unarmed Class D security guard license qualifications have been met the Florida Class D Security license can be applied for and the process will include finger printing, a security guard photo ID and notarization of the license application.
A temporary card will be issued that will permit the applicant to be employed as a licensed unarmed security guard until the permanent unarmed Class D security guard license is received from the state of Florida. This can be between 60 and 90 days when the permanent Class D license is issued.
When submitting the application for the unarmed Class D security guard license information that will need to be provided in order to have the application approved will be:



The name and address of the school or training facility

The physical address where training has taken place

Copies of the training curriculum

Copies of the final examination

The school and instructors must use approved criteria for training the unarmed Class D security guard license

A social security number must be provided

These are the different steps in the process that are needed in order to obtain the Florida unarmed Class D security guard license to gain employment throughout the state of Florida. The courses that are required will have the curriculum to provide training for most types of situations the unarmed Class D security guard will find himself or herself, faced with in the employment sector. This training will prepare the person not only to handle criminal and emergency situations, but also to handle day-to-day situations and paperwork.

Florida Unarmed Class D Training And License

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Class D and Class G Security Officer?
A: A security officer is any who, and a security agency, is any business that, for consideration, advertises as or is engaged in the business of furnishing security services described below:
. Acts as bodyguard
. Guards property
. Transports prisoners
. Guards armored cars
. Attempts to prevent theft, misappropriation or concealment of property or other valuables
. Seeks the return of such stolen valuables

Q: What are the legal requirements to obtain a Security Guard Class D or Class G License?
A: Be a citizen or lawful permanent resident or have been granted authority to
Work by U.S. Immigration Service.
Have no disqualifying criminal history
Have no disqualifying history of mental illness

Q: How long do I have to wait to get my Class D or Class G Security Officer License?
A: If you submit the application at any Division of Licensing Offices, a Security
Officer temporary license “D” will be given the same day. With the this temporary
License you are allowed to work, while you get the actual card by mail.
If you prefer mailing the application, it could take up to three (3) months.

Q: What it is the minimum age required to obtain my Class G license?
A: 18 years old for the Statewide Firearm “G” License ( for security and investigation use)
21 years old to obtain a Concealed Weapon License (for personal use)

Q: Is it possible to get a Statewide Firearm License “G” before the Security Officer License “D”?
A: No. The State of Florida requires completing first the Security Officer Course “D”, in order to apply for Statewide Firearm License “G”.

Q: The Statewide Firearm License “G”, also allows carrying a weapon for personal use?
A: No. The Statewide Firearm License Class “G”, permits to carry firearms only in the performance of Security and Investigative Duties. When the licensee finishes job duties, needs to put away the firearm.

Q: What license it is needed to carry a weapon for personal use?
A: To obtain a permit to carry a weapon for personal use, the State of Florida requires going through a course and applying for the Concealed Weapon License “CWP”.

Q: To obtain the Concealed Weapon License it is necessary to have other licenses?
A: No. Any civilian, with no disqualifying criminal history is allowed to apply for a Concealed Weapon License “CWP”

Q: How often the licenses have to be renewed?
A: The Security Officer License “D”, every two years. The State of Florida will send
a notice. The Statewide Firearm License “G”, needs a different treatment. In order to
maintain it, the Licensee must do four (4) hours of qualification every year (A
failure to renew it yearly the State of Florida has the right to revoke the license
and you will have to complete the G License Course 28 hrs again). It is the
licensee’s responsibility to remember every year to do it. The State of Florida
only will send a renewal notice every two (2) years when the license It is about
to expire. The Concealed Weapon License needs to be renewed every seven (7) years.

Q: Are these licenses only for male?
A: Absolutely No. These types of licenses are available for male and females.
No Gender or Race discrimination

Florida Unarmed Class D Training And License


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