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New Jersey The Best Armed and Unarmed Training Schools



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Renew or earn your unarmed security guard license! Learn from professionals and start earning money in as little as a week!


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Earn or renew your armed security guard license! Get started today!


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Courses for concealed carry, self-defense, and tactical handgun training. Learn from state certified instructors!

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New Jersey #1 Best Security Guard Training School 



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New Jersey Security Guard Training

New Jersey Armed Security Guard Training & License

  Unarmed Security Guard Training  License

New Jersey Concealed Carry Training & Requirements

New Jersey The Best Armed and Unarmed Training Schools With the economy being the way it is you would think that all areas of business are affected. In New Jersey and many other states the opposite is happening and the Security Industry is still going strong.

New Jersey The Best Armed and Unarmed Training Schools Security is one of the fastest growing careers today, Exciting, Simulating, Fast Pace, and Rewarding.  Ever since the tragic events of 9-11 there has been an overwhelming need for the Professionally Trained Security Officer.  Today Security Companies are looking for the most educated and informed Security Officer and expect more than just a Security Guard.  We at ( SGLG ) understand that without a professional and knowledgeable  Security Officer your changes of getting a job become less.



Our Formula for Success is : THE RIGHT PEOPLE + THE RIGHT TRAINING = POSITIVE RESULTS EVERY TIME.  This is the foundation for all our training programs

Security Guard Licensing Group offer an extensive range of comprehensive and certified training programs. We take pride in assisting and providing our students with the most up to date training programs and certified instructors.

Our Training Affiliates offer the most advanced security courses, including Security Guard Licensing, Tactical Training, and Conceal Carry Classes, Armed and Unarmed Training and many other certified training classes.

Job Placement is another concern for all our students. Security Guard Licensing Group has access to one of the most elaborate Data Base Job Opportunities Programs.  The Program does not expose you to a few jobs but 100’s. It’s our responsibility to research and locate the most professional programs available to our students.

The program we have located will accomplish the following services to all our important students.

Posting Your Resume

Provide all current Job Opportunities In Security & Law Enforcement. 100’s of Jobs

Job  Opportunities Across The United States

Online Applications

These Are Only A Few, Armed and Unarmed Security Guards, Loss Prevention, Loss Prevention Managers, Transportation Security Officers, Juvenile Detention Officers, and many more.

This program is only offered to our students who have completed their security training with our Affiliates.

Seats fill up fast! Call us today and  talk to one of  our staff and discuss the options and register for one of our upcoming classes.

Train with the best and you will become the Best Security Officer you can be.

New Jersey The Best Armed and Unarmed Training Schools

Train Today and Secure Your Future



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