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Start Your Career As A Pennsylvania Security Guard

Security Guard Licensing Group is considered to be one of the Top Security Licensing Groups in Pennsylvania The reason for this is the Professional Staff, Creativity, Diverse Background of our Instructors, and the Dedication we all have towards our Clients and Affiliates.

Your entire Security Career, Job Placement and Promotional Opportunity will be determined by your foundation of Security Training.  Don’t take this decision lightly.  Join the thousands of other Security Officers that have enrolled in Security Guard Licensing Group. Our Formula for Success: THE RIGHT PEOPLE + THE RIGHT TRAINING = POSITIVE RESULTS, EVERY TIME.

Here in Pennsylvania security is one of the fastest growing careers today Exciting, Simulating, Fast Pace and Rewarding. Our facility offers an extensive range of comprehensive and certified training programs.  We take pride in assisting and providing our clients with the most up to date training programs and certified instructors.

When you attend Security Guard Licensing Group you are there for two reasons, State Certification and Job Placement.  We are considered to be one of the most progressive licensing groups developing new training concepts every day. Delivering the most up to date training techniques to all our clients.  Quality of training is what you should expect and that is what we will deliver to each client.

Our Training Affiliates offer the most advanced security courses, including Security Guard Licensing, Tactical Training, Civilian Conceal Carry Classes, Armed and Unarmed Training plus many other Certified Classes.

Our Instructor Staff have a diverse background, including Competition Shooting, Defensive Training, Military and Law Enforcement Experience.  They are all State Licensed and Certified.

The second reason is Job Placement.  Security Guard Licensing Group has access to one of the most elaborate Data Base Job Opportunities Programs.  The Data Based Program does not expose you to just a few job opportunities but 100’s. It’s our responsibility to research and locate the most professional programs available to our clients.

If you still have any questions don’t hesitate call one of our local centers, we will be glad to offer options to your new career as a Professional Security Officer.

Classes fill up fast. There is no other option available to you; Security Guard Licensing Group is the only facility that will give you all the advantages and knowledge that will land you the security job you have always wanted.

Train with the best and you will become the Best Security Officer you can be


Pennsylvania Armed Training

The state of Pennsylvania requires anyone applying for an armed security guard license to meet the qualification standards set by the state and comply with the Private Detective Act of 1953 including the amendments that have been made. One of the amendments that have been made is that one copy of the application will be filed with the Clerk of Courts.
The other requirements to qualify for the Pennsylvania security guard license for the armed guard will be to attend training classes for 40 hours, attend firearm’s classes and the other requirements are:

The applicant must be at least 18 years of ageThe person applying will have a high school diploma or equivalency exam

The applicant will provide valid photo identification

Applicants are either a U.S. citizen or are allowed to work in the United States

The applicant will submit to fingerprinting that will be filed with the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository

Background checks well be conducted by the District Attorneys Office and the Clerk of Courts

The state of Pennsylvania requires the person applying for an armed security guard license to take 40 hours of training at a certified training facility. There is also a requirement for firearm’s training and range time. The classroom training will include education to help the person perform their duties as a licensed armed security guard with confidence and safety. Legal issues that can arise are covered in the training classroom and other types of training.

Legal and ethical issuesEmergency medical care

Emergency fire care

Use of force

Detaining suspects

Written reports

The training in the classroom for firearms will include the legal issues and there is mandatory time spent at the range. In the state of Pennsylvania the armed security guard in training is required to comply with the Lethal Weapons Training Act. The armed security guard will train with a 38-caliber gun, shooting 50 rounds and train using a shotgun. The range training will include marksman and target training to ensure the armed guard that will be license has experience with weapons. This provides a safe environment for the person or public, the applicant is providing protection. The certification for firearms is valid for five years, with yearly eight-hour refresher courses taken.
The employment that the Pennsylvania armed security guard is qualified for in the security sector is both in private settings and in public settings.

Armed security guards are employed in airports, bus stations and train stations.Federal and state offices

Apartment complexes and hotels

Retail stores and malls

Public parks and venues open to the public

Private offices

Personal security

Armored vehicles

These are some of the types of locations that the unarmed security guard will find employment, as well as other locations. The license when issued will be renewable every two years for the security guard. The firearms license, which is separate in the state of Pennsylvania, will be renewable every five years.

Pennsylvania Unarmed Training

The person that will apply for an unarmed security guard license in the state of Pennsylvania will need to fulfill the requirements of the state. These requirements when completed, the fingerprints and background check is done, the person is then able to apply for a Pennsylvania unarmed security license. Unarmed security guards in the state of Pennsylvania do not require the same amount of insurance as the armed security guard. The qualifications that will need to be met include being at least 18 years of age. The other qualifications that will need to be met are:

The applicant will be a U.S. citizen or legally be able to work in the United StatesApplicants will have a high school diploma or an equivalency certificate

A valid photo identification is needed and will be submitted to the Clerk of Courts

The applicant will submit to fingerprints that will be filed with the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository

Applicants will submit to a criminal background check that will be done by the Clerk of Courts and the District Attorneys Office

The other requirements to qualify for the unarmed security guard license in the state of Pennsylvania is the 40 hour training course to be taken at a state certified training center. This is a classroom environment, which will prepare the person to work in the security sector competently and safely. Training will include teaching the unarmed security guard medical emergency CPR and to communicate with medical emergency technicians. The training will include classes in:

Legal issuesEthical issues

Emergency medical including CPR

Fire emergency

Crowd control

Written reports

The person training to become a licensed unarmed security guard will meet the qualifications to apply for the license after successfully completing the 40 hours of training. This person will then find work in the security industry at places such as:

Retail storesMalls


Parking structures

Private and public buildings



The trained Pennsylvania unarmed security guard is able to work in environments that have cameras and alarm systems that need to be monitored. This person is qualified to protect retail stores from theft and shoplifting and protect schools from unauthorized entry. All of the documentation, the fingerprints and proof of training will be submitted to the Clerk of Courts, along with the petition for an unarmed security guard license. The paperwork will then go to the District Attorneys Office where the license will be issued, after review.
The Pennsylvania unarmed security guard license guidelines are included in the Private Detective Act of 1953, as well as the amendments that have been attached to the act. The license when issued after completing the requirements, which are needed to apply for the license, will be valid for two years from the date of issue. This unarmed security guard license will need to be held as long as the person is working in the security sector in the state of Pennsylvania

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