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Virginia The Best Security Guard Armed And Unarmed Training Schools



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Security License and Courses

Renew or earn your unarmed security guard license! Learn from professionals and start earning money in as little as a week!


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Professional Security Guard Training

Earn or renew your armed security guard license! Get started today!


Concealed Carry

Courses for concealed carry, self-defense, and tactical handgun training. Learn from state certified instructors!

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The Elite Videos Online Security Guard Training Programs Nationwide



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   This is a program you will Not Regret!

The Elite Video Online Security Guard Training Programs Nationwide

Nationwide Training Course


Course Overview 


 Unarmed Security I & II

How to act as a deterrent while patrolling

  • What security officer’s purpose is
  • How to reduce liability
  • Legal authority limitations
  • Courtesy and honesty
  • The observe and report requirements
  • Time and attendance
  • The do’s and don’t of a security officer
  • And much more

 Patrolling I & II

The purpose of Patrolling

  • How to handle emergencies
  • How to report incidents and situations Answering the telephone
  • Patrolling techniques
  • Inside and outside patrolling and the differences
  • And many more

Arrest Techniques I & II

Felonies and misdemeanors

  • Overview of legal authority
  • What constitutes and arrest
  • When is an arrest legal or illegal
  • What is a citizen arrest
  • Questioning a suspect
  • Searching procedures
  • And many more

Report Writing Daily Log Box

Note taking

  • The purpose of the report
  • Types of reports
  • Accountability in reports
  • Reports and litigations
  • Using reports to testify
  • Daily report
  • Incident report

Veterans And Military Personnel

Are Not  Forgotten

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The Elite Online  Unarmed Security Guard Training Videos Nationwide

Bringing the classroom to you, anywhere/anytime!   This Elite Online Video Training Program provides access to ALL of our training  24/7.  

Computer Access Too Program

Anytime 24/7, Unlimited, From Any Where

This Certified Online Video Program was designed to be 100% Online. Viewing exciting security content Videos, covering Certifications which will be a tremendous benefit to the security guard officer looking to enter into Security Guard Unarmed Training, Management Position a Law Enforcement Training Program or a School Enrollment Program.

One of the primary motivation for  creating this Elite Video Online Program was to present to the Public and Security Industry a more Educated, Confident, Motivated and Promotionable Security Office, the security industry and public  so desperately needs in these difficult times.

Imagine  Interviewing for a Security Positions -School or Law Enforcement Training Program and  presenting all these Highly Acclaimed Certifications.  What do you think the outcome will Be!!!!!!!


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Virginia Security Guard Training

Virginia Armed Security Guard Training

Virginia Unarmed Security Guard Training

Virginia Concealed Carry Training

Virginia The Best Security Guard Armed And Unarmed Training Schools

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Start Your Career As A Virginia Security Guard


Security Guard Licensing Group is considered to be one of the Top Security Licensing Groups in Virginia. The reason for this is the Professional Staff, Creativity, Diverse Background of our Instructors, and the Dedication we all have towards our Clients and Affiliates.

Virginia The Best Security Guard Armed And Unarmed Training Schools

Your entire Security Career, Job Placement and Promotional Opportunity will be determined by your foundation of Security Training.  Don’t take this decision lightly.  Join the thousands of other Security Officers that have enrolled in Security Guard Licensing Group. Our Formula for Success: THE RIGHT PEOPLE + THE RIGHT TRAINING = POSITIVE RESULTS, EVERY TIME.

Here in Virginia security is one of the fastest growing careers today Exciting, Simulating, Fast Pace and Rewarding. Our facility offers an extensive range of comprehensive and certified training programs.  We take pride in assisting and providing our clients with the most up to date training programs and certified instructors.

Virginia The Best Security Guard Armed And Unarmed Training Schools

When you attend Security Guard Licensing Group you are there for two reasons, State Certification and Job Placement.  We are considered to be one of the most progressive licensing groups developing new training concepts every day. Delivering the most up to date training techniques to all our clients.  Quality of training is what you should expect and that is what we will deliver to each client.

Our Training Affiliates offer the most advanced security courses, including Security Guard Licensing, Tactical Training, Civilian Conceal Carry Classes, Armed and Unarmed Training plus many other Certified Classes.

Virginia The Best Security Guard Armed And Unarmed Training Schools

Our Instructor Staff have a diverse background, including Competition Shooting, Defensive Training, Military and Law Enforcement Experience.  They are all State Licensed and Certified.

The second reason is Job Placement.  Security Guard Licensing Group has access to one of the most elaborate Data Base Job Opportunities Programs.  The Data Based Program does not expose you to just a few job opportunities but 100’s. It’s our responsibility to research and locate the most professional programs available to our clients.

If you still have any questions don’t hesitate call one of our local centers, we will be glad to offer options to your new career as a Professional Security Officer.

Classes fill up fast. There is no other option available to you; Security Guard Licensing Group is the only facility that will give you all the advantages and knowledge that will land you the security job you have always wanted.

Train with the best and you will become the Best Security Officer you can be


Virginia The Best Security Guard Armed And Unarmed Training Schools


In the state of Virginia, there are requirements to be able to work in the security field; these include being licensed and having firearms training for the armed security guard. The guidelines are outlined in the Private Security Services Code of Virginia; the Department of Criminal Justice Services in the state of Virginia oversees these guidelines and licensing.
The codes pursuant to the armed security guard are included in 9.1-138 through 9.1-150 and include job description, training requirements, along with personal information that will be collected. This personal information will be comprised of fingerprints, age, home address that is verified, tax information and proof of ability to work in the United States. These sections of the code detail the requirements to carry a firearm and the amount of required hours of training.
The applicant for security licensing will be required under the present codes to train at a Virginia certified facility and must apply for their permanent licensing within 90 days of being hired for armed security job. The holder of a permanent armed security guard license will be required to renew it every two years as long as the holder is providing services in the security sector.
The training provided at the certified training center will include:

Legal issuesCrisis management

Emergency medical service in first aid and CPR

Detaining criminals

Alarm system operation

Report writing

Fire arms training, marksmanship and target training

The training at a certified facility in the state of Virginia is required by the Department of Criminal Justice Services to train the person to successfully deal with emergency situations, both criminal and civil, which can occur while employed in the security field. This will include firearms training in order to be allowed in the state of Virginia to carry a firearm while on the job. After training the armed security guard can be employed in security services that include:

Alarm respondent: This is a security individual that is employed to respond to alarm signals for homes, businesses and properties.Employment as an armored car guard



Government offices

Power plants


Personal security guard

These are some of the available types of employment as a licensed armed security personnel. To obtain this license there are requirements that must be fulfilled prior to a security license, being issued in the state of Virginia that will include:

The person applying for a Virginia armed security guard must be 21 years of age.The applicant must be legal to work in the United States

The applicant must hold either a high school diploma or an equivalency certificate.

The required amount of hours of certified training completed successfully

Firearms training completed successfully

The applicant will submit to finger printing

There will be an FBI style background check done prior to being issued an armed security license.

The job of the armed security guard in the state of Virginia is an important one in can include employment opportunities in many of the state and government buildings and other important private and non-private buildings or properties.

Virginia Unarmed Training


Most states have certain requirements to work as an unarmed security guard and in the state of Virginia. The requirement for licensing in the state of Virginia is the Department of Criminal Justice Services. In order to be a obtain an unarmed security guard license, there are stipulations that must be fulfilled including the applicant’s age must be at least 18 years of age.
The regulations that oversee the unarmed security guard are Title 9.1-138 through 9.1-150 in the Private Security Services Codes of Virginia. The codes describe the qualifications for an applicant to be approved for a license, including fingerprinting, age and background checks. The description of the unarmed security guard functions is to perform observation, detection, reporting to the appropriate authorities and does not carry a firearm.
There is a prerequisite to obtain this license is that the applicant must attend an 18 hour course at a certified facility. The course will include classes in the topics that will prepare the person to work in the security sector in a professional manner.
The applicant must apply for their permanent certification card within 90 days of being hired by a security company. This permanent license will need to be renewed every two years to continue working in the security sector. There are other stipulations that must also be met in order to obtain the unarmed guard certification from the state of Virginia:

The person applying for an unarmed guard must have a high school diploma or equivalency diploma.They must pass a strenuous background check

The person applying must satisfactorily pass the required training at a certified facility.

The applicant must be authorized to work in the United States and provide information for the Internal Revenue.

Finger prints will be required

One of the things other than a license that might be required by a security company is that the unarmed security guard will hold a valid Virginia state drivers license. This in many cases is needed for driving company owned vehicles as a part of the duties that will be preformed for the type of security position.
Training that will be included in the certified classes will include:

Report writingFirst aid and CPR certification

Crisis deterrence

Legal issues

Public crowd control

Emergency fire control

Property rights

Detention of criminals

Operate alarm systems

The professions the unarmed security guard is able to provide their trained services for are schools, malls, art galleries, and retail businesses, along with other companies that require the unarmed guards services. There are other types of employment opportunity for the unarmed security guard in more private settings where being armed is not a requirement. The unarmed security guard license does not permit the carrying of firearms and the certified training does not include firearm training.
The training prepares the person to handle the situations that could arise during employment as a Virginia unarmed security guard, which must be handled in a professional manner with the least amount of disturbance to the business the security guard, is protecting.

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